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Does PetSmart Drug Test?


PetSmart is now one of the most well-known places to buy pets. You can buy many things for your dog, cat, or reptile when you go to a PetSmart. You might want to work at your local PetSmart in addition to shopping there. In the long run, doing so will be well worth it. However, you might be.

Wondering does PetSmart drug test 2022? PetSmart has a lot of great job opportunities for people from different backgrounds. Just keep in mind that you might have to take a drug test before you can start working at PetSmart. There could be a few drug tests at the company. This article lets readers learn more about PetSmart and how it handles drug testing.

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What is PetSmart?

PetSmart is a store that sells things both online and in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Jim and Janice Dougherty started it in 1986 as a small pet store with two locations. Today, it has more than 1500 locations and more than 55,000 employees.

They are a great competitor to big stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc., but Petco is their main rival. They offer in-house adoption facilities through their dog and cat adoption centers, which are paid for by PetSmart charities. Even though many animal welfare groups, including PETA, have looked into them and made assumptions about what they do, they still stand out as a legendary pet service provider.

A company with such a good track record would make employees and people who want to work there take a drug test. But do you know for sure when they test for drugs? Continue reading.

Does PetSmart Drug Test?

PetSmart has a strict policy that says employee can't use alcohol or drugs that are against the law. So, the company requires people who want to work there and people who have been in an accident to take a urine-based drug test to check for these substances. PetSmart's policy on PetSmart thc tests is similar to that of many other retail companies.

But some experts worry that urine-based drug tests aren't always accurate and can lead to false positives. There is also the chance that employers will misuse drug test results. Before taking a drug test at PetSmart, job seekers should know what their rights are and what other options they have.

Petsmart Drug Test Policy

Does PetSmart test for drugs? At first, they really did it - for example, in 2018. Before PetSmart drug test policy 2022, the company's policy was to test all applicants for drugs. However, the company no longer demands that new employees undergo drug tests. This means that the policy had changed.

Despite what was said, PetSmart has tested a lot of applicants for drugs. There's a good chance you'll be tested for drugs, Therefore, giving up drugs for a few weeks is the best thing to do before looking for a job. The greatest method to make sure you can pass the test and obtain the job is to do this logical thing.

PetSmart no longer does drug tests on people before they hire them. They also don't do drug tests when promoting from within. They do a background check for internal promotions because you will be a key holder, but that's all. So it's doubtful that PetSmart will ask you to take a drug test before they hire you. But, most importantly, they keep the right to do a drug test at any time during employment.

So, if you work for PetSmart, you could still be given a drug test on the spot if they have a good reason to think you did something wrong. They still can test you, at some time during the hiring process, if the local management wants to do that. But this is unlikely and very rare.

How does PetSmart drug testing work?

PetSmart has made it easier to test for drugs in pets. If you want to work at PetSmart, you'll have to wait until the company calls you. After that, you'll likely be asked to come in for an interview. If everything goes well, the company will offer you a job. The company will then ask you to take a drug test if you accept the job offer.

You will get paper and directions. You'll have to go to one of the approved places to test for drugs. You should give the paperwork to the representative when you get there. You'll be asked to pee in a cup when your name is called. During the process, you will be watched to ensure you aren't trying to cheat on the test. Also, your sample will be checked to ensure it is accurate.

If you try to use fake urine, you will get caught and lose your chance to get the job. They will send your urine sample to a testing lab, and the scientists will check it for weed traces. Most of the time, you'll get the results within a few days.

Does PetSmart drug test entry-level positions?

Even though not all employers do this, PetSmart does have the right to test its employees for drugs and alcohol. This rule applies to everyone on staff, including new hires or people who might be hired. Employees in different fields and departments, including stocking, cashiering, and grooming, can be drug tested.

It's important to know that PetSmart usually doesn't do drug tests on first-interview candidates. But before you start your job, you might be asked how long does PetSmart take to hire after interview. If you are asked to take a drug test, you will have 48 hours to do so if you want to keep your job at PetSmart. PetSmart ensures that all of their workers are safe and productive at work by having strict rules about drugs and alcohol.

What happens if you don't pass a drug test at PetSmart?

Potential employees who fail the drug test will not be hired, and the interview process will come to a stop. However, if you are an employee of PetSmart wanting to return to work and you fail your drug test, you will probably face consequences at PetSmart and might even lose your job.

Note that a positive drug test goes against PetSmart's policy that no one can use drugs or alcohol on the job. Since PetSmart works closely with animals, having drugs and alcohol on the premises would be dangerous.

Different kinds of drug tests at PetSmart

PetSmart's policy says it is against the rules to have, make, sell, give away, or use illegal drugs on its property.

In the same way, PetSmart has the right to require random PetSmart warehouse drug test, including officers, managers, and directors, for the following reasons:

Pre-Employment Testing

Based on state and federal rules about drug testing in the workplace, PetSmart makes PetSmart pre-employment drug screen before they can start working there. For this test, applicants must bring in suitable materials.

For the entire verification process, applicants must also show a valid identification card to the person who takes the sample. This drug test is often done right after a potential employee has been given a conditional job offer. This drug test is done at an approved drug testing lab that PetSmart chose for you.

Random Testing

UDS is mainly used for PetSmart random drug test before a job because it can find metabolites or traces of drugs or substances left in the urine after the body has broken them down.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

If there is a good reason to think that an employee is using or under the influence of an illegal drug, it hurts the employee's work performance and environment.

Post-Accident Testing

If an employee has an accident or comes close to having an accident that hurts animals, other employees, or other people, or causes property damage, whether it happens inside or outside of the PetSmart building.


What does the test for PetSmart look for?

The drug test at PetSmart doesn't cover everything. Instead, it checks mainly for five kinds of drugs. The test will look for drugs like marijuana, PCP, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines, among others.

What if I fail the drug test at PetSmart?

Recently, many companies have started doing drug tests, but PetSmart is more laid-back about it with their employees and candidates. You can reapply for a job at PetSmart, but the store manager decides whether or not to hire you.

Do Pet Stores Drug Test?

It depends on where you buy your pet. You should ask at the pet store if you have questions about drug testing.

For a job drug test, do they watch you urinate?

No, you are the only one who can stay in the room while a urine sample is taken. But the drug testing place might be able to leave the bathroom door open until the urine sample is taken and the lid is put on the container.

Does PetSmart do drug tests on a whim?

Like many other stores, PetSmart has the right to do random drug tests on its employees to make sure they are following its policy against drugs and alcohol. But in reality, PetSmart probably won't ask you to take PetSmart drug test kits unless they have reason to suspect you, you were in an accident at PetSmart, or you are a new employee.

Is it possible to pass a drug test to move up at PetSmart?

Former PetSmart workers claim that if you want a promotion inside the company, you probably won't need to take a drug test. If you've been in an accident at work or if PetSmart has good grounds to believe you've been drinking or using drugs, you can be required to submit to a drug test. However, if a drug test is required as part of the promotion procedure, you must pass the test in order to be hired. Therefore, you might not want to apply for that internal promotion at PetSmart if you don't feel confident undertaking a drug test.


Overall, before applying for a job or taking at home drug test PetSmart, it is crucial to understand PetSmart's drug policy. Cannabis, amphetamines, THC, PCP, and opiates are among the drugs that the company searches for using a five-panel drug test. If you test positive for drugs, among other issues, you could be excluded from the interviewing process or lose your employment.

However, you can still reapply for a position at PetSmart if you fail the drug test. Your identity will be noted, and you might be required to discuss what transpired with the manager. In the end, abstaining from illegal substances is the greatest method to guarantee that you will pass your PetSmart drug test.

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